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Organization of wheat seed farming

The main tasks of our work are: Seed Potatoes, Soybeans and Animal Husbandry.

Agriculture in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is simultaneously located in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, it is washed by the Aral and Caspian Seas. Winters in this area have little snow and cold, while summers are dry and hot.

Almost half of the territory of Kazakhstan is semi-desert and deserts. In the western part there are mountain ranges. Water resources are in short supply due to geographical location. If we talk about vegetation, then in the steppe you can most often find wormwood, feather grass and shrubs, which have an increased resistance to long droughts.

Soil is of great importance for agriculture. Most of the territory is covered by brown and chestnut soils, as well as black soil. There are also brown soils and gray soils.

Agricultural industry characteristics

Agriculture can be characterized by such features as:

  • high rates of development of animal husbandry and production of wool and leather;
  • most of the crops that are grown are cotton, oilseeds, fruits and berries and cereals;
  • Kazakhstan is one of the 10 largest suppliers of flour and wheat

Agricultural industries

Traditionally, 2 main industries are represented in Kazakhstan:

  • Crop production is the basis of agriculture. Crops such as corn, oats, millet, barley, buckwheat, rice and spring wheat are grown on the territory of the country. Significant areas are also occupied by oilseeds and sugar beets. Also noteworthy are grapes, melons, apples, potatoes, flax and cotton.
  • Livestock in the country is represented by the breeding of cattle, as well as goats, pigs, camels, horses and sheep.