About Us

BioProm Technologies LLP was founded in 2012 in the city of Stepnogorsk, the place where potato breeding as a science is most strongly developed. In this region, for more than 20 years, scientists have been developing new varieties and updating the generally recognized classic potato varieties. In the constant search for new varieties and improvement of the already developed varietal composition of potatoes, BioProm Technologies LLP undoubtedly makes a contribution to the future of the world potato industry. Everything that our company does is aimed at improving the efficiency of potato growing. The focus is always on our customers.

BioProm Technologies LLP relies on the latest developments in biotechnology in the selection processes, while the methods themselves remain traditional without interfering with the genetic code, i.e. the Norika varieties do not contain GMOs.

BioProm Technologies varieties are primarily characterized by the following properties:

  • high yield potential
  • rapid growth and development
  • excellent taste
  • resistance to viral diseases
  • high level of resistance to other potato diseases
  • resistance to mechanical damage
  • excellent shelf life
  • good adaptive abilities quality
  • stability etc
    In its activities, our company always takes care of the health of its consumers, environmental cleanliness of production and careful attitude to natural resources.

Our 4-field ” Crop Rotation System»

The direction of activity of “BioProm Technologies” LLP is the introduction of innovations in the field of agriculture.

The main activity is related to the production and cultivation of elite seed potatoes

  • The main activity is related to the production and cultivation of elite seed potatoes
  • A technology for producing potato microtubers has been developed and implemented
  • In 2013, BioProm Technologies LLP won a grant from the World Bank on the topic “Introduction of technology for obtaining virus-free potatoes from microtubers”. Within the framework of this project, laboratory equipment for the isolation of apical meristems, as well as irrigation systems for 33 hectares and 50 hectares were purchased.
  • A PCR and ELISA laboratory has been set up to monitor the quality of potato viruses and diseases.
  • Irrigation of seed potatoes is organized on an area of 210 hectares, with the possibility of expanding to 620 hectares, and in the future to 1050 hectares.
  • Potato fields are advantageously located, from the point of view of spatial isolation from diseases and viruses, because at a distance of 200 km they are not engaged in the production of commercial potatoes.
  • In 2016, a vegetable storage facility was purchased for storing potatoes with a total weight of 5,000 tons.

In 2017, the ventilation system of the German company Gaugele was introduced in the 4-compartments of the vegetable storage, with a displacement of 1000 tons.

In the period from 2018 to 2020, we worked with the Dutch company Farm Frites Beheer BV. 860 tons of super elite and elite were grown to order, annually.

  • The staff consists of 16 employees, including biologists, agronomists and machine operators.
  • The machine park is represented by John Deere tractors and Belarus.
  • The company’s market share is 5%;
  • The experience of the staff is more than 7 years.